Business Name: GROW The Burgeoning
Contact Name: Scott Fletcher
Phone Number: 801-309-0213
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Have you ever wanted to grow your own organic garden but didn't know where to begin?

Are you concerned by the mysterious origins of your food?

GROW, spearheaded by certified permaculturist Tom Bombadil and Scott Fletcher, is here to help!
After your initial consultation, GROW will be able to determine the garden requirements and plants most suitable to your available space. Your garden bed will then be built and filled with local seeds, soil and materials.

Throughout the season you will be visited on a weekly basis and invited to participate in the care of your garden. Here you will be taught the ins and outs of gardening. At the end of the season, not only will you have an abundance of delicious food, you will have confidence in a new skill that will help you throughout the course of your life!

GROW is about food. GROW is about passion. GROW is about our earth. GROW is about education.