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A unique environment for learning.


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Westminster College is truly a unique environment for learning!

Take a quick look at our Fast Facts, or explore in more depth to learn about our historyaccreditation and recognition, and catch up on the latest college news.

  • Founded in 1875, Westminster is a nationally recognized, private comprehensive liberal arts college (the only one in Utah!).
  • We offer a broad array of undergraduate and graduate programs with more than 70 academic programs to choose from.
  • Our unique environment for learning prepares students for success through active and engaged learning, real world experiences, and our vibrant campus community.
  • Our location, adjacent to the Rocky Mountains and to the dynamic city of Salt Lake, further enriches the college experience.

At Westminster, we believe the true mark of learning is not just what you know, but what you can do with what you know.

  • When you read our Strategic Plan, you’ll see how we’re putting this belief into practice by transforming higher education, shifting the focus from what professors teach to what students learn.
  • We encourage you to delve into our Institutional Research to see the impact this shift is having on student engagement, student learning, and satisfaction with their college experience.
  • Meet our President and the Board of Trustees, and see how these visionaries are guiding the college to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Once you know all the facts, we’re sure you’ll agree that Westminster offers an excellent educational value.